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Without a Net

I’m not entirely sure what I’ve been waiting for. A sign. A moment of complete clarity. A...

I don’t know.

What I do know is that the same longing and desire has been moving through me for years. This deep stirring to facilitate change, actively engage in the global shift desperately needed.

I’ve been stuck in the how, instead of just jumping in, feet first, any and every way possible. I’ve been trying to make it neat, put it inside a box that I can easily explain or market. When that isn’t at all what RIGHT NOW is all about. It’s about breaking away from those cultural norms and training of how things should look. It’s about jumping without a net.

Showing up, asking questions, pushing boundaries, sharing stories - I sure as heck know how to do all of this. So, even though I feel as if I have made this commitment before - this time my voices is louder, my YES is stronger, and I’m stepping away from the fear of what and who I might leave behind if my actions are strong. Never losing touch with my deep inner guiding, ensuring my actions come from my heart and are guided by nothing but love.

I still don’t know what this means, and I’m starting to understand that is the point. Letting go of the need to know and stepping into action.

There’s always space to walk beside me if you are ready. It’s going to take us all.


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