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Honoring Our Shared Destinies

It was recently shared with me that the mushrooms are fulfilling their destiny right now alongside humanity. This created a significant shift for me. It further broke down the Power Over paradigm that has been so deeply embedded in my DNA.

We (all of life) are truly in this together. All beings (seen and unseen) are fulfilling their destiny and bringing their gifts to this moment.

If we can break through the fear that is blocking a large portion of humanity from embracing their gifts, we free up the energy needed to create immediate change.

So the question that remains at the forefront of my mind and heart has been there for years - How do we heal the fear plaguing humanity? It is the greatest pandemic in the history of humans.

This is our work every moment of every day. When you see it playing out in front of you, how do you respond? Do you meet it with anger and fears of your own? If so - without judgement - can you begin to see that you are feeding the wrong dragon?

Healing our thoughts, or more to the point, healing how we interact with our thoughts is where we begin. This may feel like too small a task, or like a huge undertaking, but either way we need to step in together and make this commitment.

When we interact with our thoughts from a space of embodied awareness, we create energetic shifts. We open a door that allows us to see the goodness that is inherent to all of life and call out the fear that is working overtime to mask this goodness.

We must honor the ancient feminine wisdom that is so powerful at this time and lead from our hearts.

This "new" way is vulnerable and will require us all to dig deep and let go of the need to be honored in the ways that have lead us to this moment in time.

I commit to this work daily, and I enter into 2024 committed to seeing the heart of every being that crosses my path. I hope that you will join me on this journey of exploration, wonder, and deep honoring.


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