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Honoring the Light and the Dark

We must honor the light and the dark. We fall into a trap of learned behavior when we categorize our feelings and emotions as good or bad, right or wrong. It’s our reactions and responses to these feelings that fall into those categories.

When we tell ourselves that it’s wrong to feel anger, or mistrust, or hopelessness we become numb and unaware of when we are truly holding those emotions. We become unaware of how they impact the way we move through our day. Whether we acknowledge them or not, they exist, and so our lack of acknowledgment, or an attempt to bury them, or ignore them, creates a trajectory where we move through our days in great disservice to ourselves and others.

We project what we are truly feeling onto those around us and whatever crosses our path.

If we can acknowledge and honor these feelings as they arise, and not move into a place of judgment, or a practice of numbing, then we can simply give them the time and space they need to move through us. When we bring an awareness to when we are experiencing these “negative” feelings, we tiptoe through our days and understand that things and people that trigger us are most likely because of the state we’re currently in.

There is so much freedom when we can say to ourselves; Okay, today I am angry, so I’m not going to try to have a conversation that’s been sitting with me. I’m not going to try to move forward with my creative project. I’m not going to call a family member, who I know I have differing opinions from.

Moving through the world in this way, is in opposition to what we’ve been taught. We’ve been taught to push through and take care of things, regardless of our own state, and our own ability to honor not only ourselves but the people in front of us.

Today I commit to pausing, turning inward, and honoring whatever I am currently feeling. I also commit to owning how this shapes my experiences. Will you join me?


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