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What You Aren't

You aren't the money you are going to make, or the perfect outfit you are trying to find for that interview or party.

I often hear that it's hard to be seen because there are so many (insert your own work here) teachers, yoga instructors, heck life coaches. But there is only one you in that role and embracing that title.

I read recently that in the Hindu religion they believe there is only one God or supreme being. All of the various deities are simply a part of their belief system because they understand that people need to be met where they are. Some might need a goddess, or a connection to water. Whatever it is, we are all moving in the same direction, we are just coming from different angles.

So it may feel like your industry is saturated, like you are just one of many, but there are plenty of people who need what your bring to move onto their next lesson or step further into their purpose. Your audience is waiting for all of the gifts only you can share.

So don't play small. And quiet that voice that says, "who are you to..."

You are incredible and needed by many. Be ready for them.


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