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What is Belonging?

Is it to a tribe? To ourselves? In culture and society? In purpose? In work? In intention?

I believe it’s all of the above and more. But it all begins with a deeper belonging to ourselves. This starts with an awareness of who we truly are and how we move through the world. Getting to know ourselves and feeling comfortable in our own skin.

When we can take a deep breath and settle into our bodies, finding comfort there - our sense of belonging shifts and expands.

Our need to belong is no longer guided by ego or our old stories and insecurities, it’s inspired by who we know we are and the gifts we have to share. We belong in ways that allow us to bring who we truly are to the world.

Experiences no longer happen “to us” when we learn to observe from that place of true belonging. We recognize the journeys of others, and see the role we are here to play in supporting their growth - along with our own.

It can be hard work, and also one of our greatest accomplishments.


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