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What Does Feminism Look Like?

In our women’s circle last week, one of the participants shared that she was a tom boy growing up. In her thinking, that was what it meant to be a feminist. She later commented that it led her to judge other women and think that they were making things harder for us "feminists" if they embraced their femininity or presented themselves a certain way. *

We have become so conditioned to think that we need to be just as strong as men, able to do anything they can do, and that this is what makes us strong women, true feminists.

So curious. When she made that comment I realized the incredible truth behind it and was at the same time shocked I hadn’t thought about it like this before.

We’ve learned to hide our feminine qualities, believing that they are soft, unpredictable, unprofessional, and so much more.

It’s this lost connection, lost voice, that is so desperately needed in the world today. We don’t need any more women behaving as men, we need women standing in the power of the feminine. AND women supporting other women of all colors, shapes, and sizes along their journey. This is the work of the feminine, the work of women. It takes us rising up and connecting to our feminine consciousness, and supporting whatever that looks like in our sisters.

As Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee puts it “women are the soul of the world - their lost voice is directly related to the destruction of the planet…”

So, I ask you - what does feminism look like on you? Do you resonate with that word? And whether your answer is yes or no, can you shift to embrace your divine feminine knowing? Behave and act from that place of deeper wisdom and intuition? And do you recognize that it is that awareness and those actions that could be your greatest gift to the world?

This isn’t a time of reluctance or second guessing. This is a time to come together. This is the time for collective action and awareness. This need for connection and collective action is one of the greatest forces behind Rise of the Mother, and also my Awakening the Feminine Program.

* I want to note that the information I shared from our circle, was shared with permission from the participant.*


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