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What Are We Missing?

On a recent call with Manari Ushigua, political and spiritual leader of the Sápara Nation in the Ecuadorian Amazon, he shared that the wind is prevalent right now to highlight the confusion of our thoughts. He explained that the confusion was coming from our misunderstanding of the current transformation of our Mother Earth. She is transitioning alongside humanity, but we are missing the cues and invitations.

When we operate from our heads instead of our hearts, we continue to see ourselves as separate from all of life around us. When we operate from our heads, we perpetuate the cycle that has formed and dictated our current trajectory.

What are we missing? We are, right now, standing in front of a powerful invitation. An invitation to awaken to the truth that lives within each of us. The truth of our interconnection that can only be accessed through our deeper heart wisdom. What we are missing is the power of stepping forward in a new way. The power to truly embody our interconnection and understand the gifts and guidance being offered to us at all times.

This is an important time. Everything happening around us, and to us, is trying to pull us back into our old ways - trying to distract us from the real work at hand. You can create change. You absolutely have the ability, right now wherever you are, to shift our global trajectory. The power and wisdom for this change comes when you access, and remember how to listen to your heart. When we are guided by our heart wisdom, we take steps that elevate all of life.


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