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These Times

I talk a lot about somatic awareness - tuning into to what you are feeling in your body and where you feel it. Today my heart is so tight and heavy. As I read through the news and see the posts shared on facebook I want to jump out of my skin.

I KNOW that we must bring about the needed change by starting with ourselves. We have to do the deep inner work, heal what needs to be healed, and then take the learning and awareness that comes from that healing into the world. We can’t solve these problems with the methods and techniques we have in the past. It’s these exact methods and techniques that have led us to today.

The answers we are searching for need to come from a different place - a difference awareness. They need to come from our feminine consciousness. That doesn’t just mean women. Both men and women need to remember how to listen to and access their feminine wisdom to find the balance and answers we so desperately need.

I KNOW THIS! And still I want to get in a car, drive to the border, and get to work in any way I can. And maybe that is exactly what needs to happen. I don’t know? And coming back to the somatic work - I can’t know the right answer for me in this moment while I’m existing in this place of incredible anxiety and sadness within my body. So, I will do the work I know I need to do to move out of this internal space and then listen. What am I truly supposed to be doing right now? How can I be of greatest service? Big questions that I’m working with daily to find the answers. To hear the answers. To feel the answers.

What are you feeling, hearing, wanting to do?


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