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The Unrecognized Artist

I have always had an incredible admiration for artists. To be able to witness or feel something and then express it through art has always been a beautiful mystery to me.

Whenever painting or being creative would come up in conversation, I always declared that I have no artistic talent. Or that was the case until I fully embraced what art means to me. I now see art as expression, in all of it's limitless forms.

On my personal Awakened Woman journey, I've realized that my expressive outlet is my voice. I was sitting in meditation on morning and felt this overwhelming desire to sing. I immediately shut it down thinking that I couldn't possibly sing in meditation - and suppressed the urge. As you can imagine, it didn't go away until one morning I gave in and started to sing - quietly at first and then really letting loose (no one else was home). This went on every morning for about a week and I felt such a release and incredible freedom in my body from letting go and opening up. I realized that this was my form of expression, my art - and when I gave into it, I felt alive!

A huge reward of feeling centered, grounded, and self-aware is that we are able to hear and respond to the nudges and suggestions from the universe. This elevated awareness brings us out of our stories from the past, and quiets that inner critic who tries to keep us small. 

Listening to the universe guides us into days that elevate and expand our opportunity to be the best possible version of ourselves.

My wish for you is that through an increased level of self-awareness and self-care you find your artistic expression. And know that while you explore this path, I will be singing in the shower at the top of my lungs.


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