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The Neutral Spirit

I awoke this morning to news of what is happening in Darfur and the 60,000 Sudanese - mostly women and children - who have crossed into Chad in the past week.

The picture shared is the face of Awa Ibrahim Abakar, a 35 year old mother of four whose husband was killed by a gunman. When I saw her eyes I felt the intensity of her life pierce my heart. And I felt something else too, I could feel her determination and strength. I could feel the kindness of her heart.

This is the work I have been stepping into so solidly these past few months… how can I hold it all at the same time. How can I witness these faces and stories in a way that honors the pain being shared and at the same time hold space in my heart for the better tomorrow deserved by all. It is our inherent right to exist within a space of peace, freedom, and harmony.

Because I am one who learns by physically doing something, this is my current practice… I hold my two hands in front of body with my palms facing up. As I look at Awa’s face I let her pain and sorrow fill my left hand and honor what is being felt by her and myself. Then I turn my thoughts to the greater truth for all of humanity and life, that we are deeply held in love. I let the truth of our interconnection active my heart and send love across time and space to this beautiful woman. And then I sit for a moment and work on letting everything I am holding in both hands exist within the same moment.

It brings me back to the Sapara Nation teaching of the Neutral Spirit. They are guided by the wisdom and truth that there is no right, wrong, good or bad - all simply is.

The challenge and freedom of this sharing are the space I am holding for us all right now. This work is my deepest commitment as we search for a path that creates a different tomorrow.


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