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Story Sharing

We learn through story

What do we offer each other? How do we learn?

We offer one another our shared experiences. Our stories of learning and growth. It is these stories and connections that facilitate “aha” moments. 

Think about it. Do you pay attention when someone says - “Studies have shown” or “Just trust me” or any reassurance that lacks personal human experience?

Or do you pay attention when someone digs deep and shares their personal story of growth and awareness? This is our unifying power. We want to know that we can change because someone else has. It helps us embody the now and our true power and capacity. 

This is the power of the collective work. Creating space for connection and collaboration. 

It isn’t about sitting in front of one person and “telling” them to look deeper, find the answers within themselves. It’s about sitting with another, or group of others, and sharing how the shift occurred for us. Allowing them to be empowered by our awareness and then turning inward to find what that looks like for them. 

This summarizes it all, from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali...

"Study is all right - but not for mere logic, quoting, or fighting.

Actually, it is when you 'quote' from your own experience that your words have weight.

We need to shift the way we lead and guide. It is a collaboration, not a mentor ship. There are no experts. We are all companions on the same journey. We can’t do it alone. We need each other. We need these stories. We need to share. We need to trust. We need to believe in the collective power. We need to shape shift. 


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