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I know that isn't really a word, but it is definitely something that has haunted me for a while.

I'm incredibly bad at deciding to do something for myself, usually my body, and then following through. 

I will start a juice cleanse, and by day 2 (if I'm lucky) quit it and move on. 

Or think it's time I started eating a certain way and jump in with both feet, for a little while. 

Those 30 day challenges for excercise, etc always look really good, but same story. 


So what if the idea that I'm horrible because I can't commit to any of these, which has been part of my story for a long time, is actually a reality check that I have been ignoring?

Am I starting these different programs because I feel like I really need them, or because I'm buying into someone else's perspective on how I should look, feel, and act?

What if something I have considered as really negative about myself for a long time, is actually an attempt on a deeper level to allow myself to step back and ask if I'm truly unhappy with where and how I am right now. 

Do I really feel I need to be changed? Am I unhappy? Who am I doing this for?

The answers to those questions are no, no, and who the heck knows. 

How many other negative traits and stories do we accept about ourselves that are actually just an attempt to draw our attention to the fact that we are really and truly okay, right now, just as we are. 

I believe there is incredible freedom waiting for us on the other side of this realization. Allowing us to step into our full power and embrace the activities and interests that leave us feeling alive and amazing.


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