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Stepping Into Freedom

Over the past few months I've been on a journey of committing and releasing. I've spent most of my 30s and now half way through my 40s with lots of irons in the fire. I started an organization, put on music festivals and other events, co-owned a cafe and coffee roastery, taught yoga, sat on the board of non profits, and most recently committed myself to this journey of coaching. 

As I dive deeper into this work on a personal and professional level, I am moved by a need to focus and simplify. I'm struck by the desire to be extraordinary at one thing instead of busy with many. 

While" the many" have been meaningful and served a purpose I'm ready to give my all to the adventure of transformational coaching. 

Simple right? Not really. With each thing I release I feel as though there is someone I let down. That's a hard one for me to handle. On many occasions as I share with people that I closed the door on my organization, 1% For Women, their response is shock followed by a comment similar to - Why would you do that! The world needs this work. 

So true. It does. And there are a lot of incredible individuals and organizations out there that are giving it their full focus and attention. I now have space to support them in their 100% commitment.

With that said, feeling as though I'm disappointing others is an uncomfortable space for me. Until I realize that by focusing on what others will think of my actions, I've been disappointing myself. Missing what fills me up and makes me thrive. Makes me jump out of bed every morning - excited for what the day holds. And when I don't move through the world in this way - who am I really helping anyway? What support am I creating for others if my glass is only half full? This doesn't mean throwing integrity out the window and not being true to my word. It means I will take the time to breathe into possibility. To understand that it is often best for all concerned when the universe begins to close a door for us. And remember that listening from that centered space of compassionate awareness ultimately blesses all.

So one by one I have spent the last few months freeing myself from other obligations and committing whole heartedly to coaching. What has that meant? An entire world of possibility. As is often the case, when we free ourselves of things that are no longer serving us we see the incredible opportunities the universe is holding. We are open to receive - and receive we do!

I know this journey never ends. It will be at times magical and at other times challenge all of my reserves and knock the wind out of me. I can say with absolute certainty though that doing this work allows me to move through my day from a place of centered awareness and compassion. Starting from there, I will meet each challenge knowing I did the best I was able at that moment. That's all we can give and all we can ask.

Remember those snapshot moments. At any point in time we have the ability to pause, breathe, and look around us taking in something amazing and good. Replenishing our reserves so we can move forward from a place of centered and compassionate self-awareness.


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