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Something Has Got To Give

Photo by from Pexels

You feel it. You know it. There is work to be done and you are ready. But what is the work? And how do you step in?

This feeling and these questions seem to be running rampant within my community of women. We are all feeling like there is something just out of our reach. Something much larger than where we stand now - something that we desperately want to connect with.

So what is holding us back? It definitely isn't a lack of desire, or lack of intent. Everyday is greeted with an invitation to “show us what we are meant to be doing”.

What’s holding us back is ourselves. This longing we are feeling is the needed reconnection with our feminine wisdom and feminine consciousness. What’s holding us back is our conditioning to try to bring things to life through the masculine. We are in a time of deep change that is requiring us to redefine life as we have known it. Redefine success and value, and understand that this next phase of our work is going to look different than anything we have ever experienced. It can’t be forced, or coerced to happen at a faster speed.

The feminine qualities of knowing and allowing are rising to the top, and creating incredible discomfort. We are no longer able to push forward with our own agendas. The path is no longer accessible to our dreams and aspirations that aren’t manifested from the feminine.

So, the questions - What is the work? How do we step in? - are huge and necessary. This re-navigation, realignment, reassessment is the work. If you are feeling this greater pull and asking these bigger questions - you’ve already stepped in. Now your task is stepping out of the way and listening. Listening through complete embodiment and presence. Listening with your inner knowing, and trusting that you are moving forward in powerful ways. You are already on the path, and you are making an incredible difference.


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