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Shifting Paradigms

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

This new year is already packing a punch with powerful lessons and reminders. I’m a dreamer, a visionary - and I admit that I thrive living within the space of possibility. I see all that could be, and want to bring it to life.

I see all of the beautiful collaborations that could exist, clearly see the talents, gifts, and power of the incredible individuals in my life - and want them all to come together around powerful work.

Here is where the tough lessons have shown up this month… as I step into the possibilities and opportunities - I continue to get pushed back into my own lane. In my attempts to bring structure and momentum to projects, I quickly find myself standing alone. The visions that I hold so strongly aren’t the visions of those I keep trying to loop in. And that is where I am being pushed to my edge, where my deepest learning needs to come from.

How do I stand alone in a collaborative, unifying way? What I mean by that is -how do I learn to stand alone while holding the hands of all of those being called forward as well? How do I participate in breaking through existing paradigms by creating new ways of collaboration and partnership? Ways that allow everyone to bring their unique gifts, follow their hearts and passion, and raise the global vibration because our individual work is unified in ways that forever change the trajectory of humanity. No small calling.

I talk a lot about embodiment, and finding our center. To me this is the most important work we can do for ourselves and each other. The first few weeks of this new year have been an incredible test of my ability to walk the path I teach. I feel the magnetic energy of my grounded center becoming stronger, as I learn these lessons and allow them to send me inward for further clarity.

The truth I’m feeling so deeply is that I am finally moving away from the structures that make me say yes to one thing, while moving away from all else. The “all in” mentality that compartmentalizes our lives. I’m learning to step into the circles, crowds, and the embrace of opportunities grounded in my strength and wisdom. Understanding that my standing there increases the capacity of the greater vision while also strengthening the part I still need to play as the lone wolf.


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