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Pay Attention and Be Kind

Mural from Ajo, AZ. Artist unknown

What’s coming up for you right now? Most of us haven’t had this much down time in our entire lives. Not that we aren’t bombarded with questions, and new ways of moving through the world that we are forced to figure out, but there is a pause that we have never experienced before. This is a time of silence and stillness that Mother Earth is demanding from us - a time of deep, deep healing. Healing that begins within each of us in order for a new path forward to emerge.

So, when turning away, and occupying your time and thoughts with a plethora of external distractions is no longer an option - what do you do? I am learning how to sit with what's emerging for me and hold these thoughts in a new way. Instead of working against them, I’m holding them in a place of love and gratitude. I fully recognize that they are an invitation to face the current paradigms that are coming to the forefront of our thought to be destroyed. I’m finally taking the time to ask - are the beliefs guiding this self judgement truly mine? And recognizing that the release I’m working through is for so many of us on the planet right now.

When I awoke this morning, my eyes went to my bookshelf and this title seemed to jump out at me - Untie the Strong Woman by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I’m taking that as my message for today and the days moving forward. How much have self-limiting beliefs and cultural conditioning been holding us back? Making us play small because we believe that our value lies in our appearance and not the incredible gifts we are here to bring to the world.

It’s time to pay attention, be kind to the ideas that have followed us through life, and then release them. That is the invitation and powerful gift being offered to us by Pachamama. She’s asking us to pause, remember what is truly important, and then commit to moving through the world in a new way. It’s time to fully embody our true gifts. Not the superficial ones that have been valued for so long, but the ones that come from our heart space. These gifts elevate our lives, and the lives of those around us. They remind us what it feels like to move through the world from a place of connection and interconnection. They open the door to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible - to quote the incredible Charles Eisenstein.


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