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Our Shared Humanity

May we never forget that we are all connected. 

I was listening to a Brene Brown interview the other day where she was talking about her research showing that we are actually becoming lonelier as we pair off into groups based on views and beliefs. She noted that while you would think we would find connection when we gather with like minded people, the opposite is actually true because around the world we are aligning ourselves based on a shared hate of something. 

As I listened to this, my head was filled with images of doom and gloom. How can we NOT be lonely, angry, disheartened in communities that revolve around a common hate of something or someone? 

This interview was about her new book, Braving the Wilderness, and her point was that we cannot ever fulfill our desire to belong until we first and foremost belong to ourselves. Tough one.

What does that even mean? To me it means moving through my day from a place of centered self love. Confident in what I value and the gifts I can share. Standing for what is right and just from a place of kindness. Getting curious when things feel out of whack, to understand why I react a certain way or am triggered by events and conversations. NOT hiding behind social media and using opportunities of disagreement to dehumanize another - or a group of others. 

I believe this is one of our greatest tasks and challenges in life, to look around and see ourselves in everyone else. Recognizing our shared humanity is critical in bringing about the shift needed to address the issues we are experiencing on a global level. 

The interview was wonderful and I highly recommend it. You can access it here. 

I challenge you to take a few minutes and really think about what it means to belong to yourself. To believe in yourself so strongly that you move through the world from that place of centered self love, allowing you to see and value the humanity in others. How does that change your trajectory? And that of those around you?

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