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No More Comfort Zones

No element of what has to be done can happen from within our comfort zones.

The world is waiting for us to step out, voice our awareness, and stand strong behind what we know to be right and true.

This isn’t the time to play small. Or to revert to patterns that keep us safely within the accepted paradigms of masculine leadership. This isn’t working and is leading us down a dangerous and slippery slope.

If you allow yourself to be still and listen and feel into your body - you can hear and feel the vibration of your greater work waiting to come to life - waiting for permission to be expressed. Give it that permission. Give yourself permission to become vulnerable. Hear your voice crack as this new awareness takes shape in the form of words. Feel your legs shake as it comes to life in the form of action.

It’s time for us to become centered and strong in our vulnerability. Centered and strong for ourselves, our children, and the planet.


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