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No Blanket Wisdom For This Time

There is no blanket wisdom or message to be learned right now.

The invitation is to turn inward. Listen to our heart and the knowing flowing through it right now. What you will be called to do is based on who you are in the world. This deep pause - though imposed on many right now - will bring to light different things for us all. It’s a time of deep remembering. Turning away from external forces and validations that have propelled us forward in the past - and turning inward to understand what gift we are truly meant to share. What gift have you been given that the world needs right now? A gift that moves us closer to the point of connection, and remembering our interconnection?

It is this opportunity to listen and notice that will create incredible shifts.

We are all standing together in an unprecedented and unsettling time. We are also all standing together in the middle of so many Indigenous prophecies. How we behave, shift, and process everything transpiring around us will either propel us forward or send us deeper into this hole of darkness.

This is truly the time of the feminine. Not male or female, but the feminine energy. An energy of knowing, connection, stillness - the yin energy of life.

There are many of us who have been walking this path, sharing this wisdom, and learning this way of existence for some time. Now is the time to stand together in a deeper and broader sharing. The gifts you are being called to share in this moment need to be heard by all. So I invite you to step forward, say yes to whatever wants to come to life through you, and know that there is no better time than right now to engage from your heart and use your gifts to unite, recreate, and heal our broken structures.

I’m here to support you in anyway I can. It isn’t time to play small. It’s time for the heart warriors to unite and stand for all that could be in our world.


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