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Losing the Titles

The long and winding road! We all know that life is a journey.

I’m always saying - to anyone that will listen- that I appreciate the awareness that comes with age. I can finally see why I went down so many different paths and how they all added a piece to the greater puzzle that continues to take shape.

My coaching practice has been an interesting road in and of itself. From the very beginning I knew why I signed up for the training, why I was doing it, and who I wanted to support. Then, I went through the program and was told that things needed to happen in a certain way. There was a model to be followed to become successful. I was told that there are a lot of people out there doing the same work, and that a lot of people found that they couldn’t support themselves with this work alone. In essence, you aren’t special and don’t quit your day job.

Even though I didn’t believe I was buying into all of that, I started to look at what additional skills I could add to my practice to make myself stand out. Maybe getting trained in x,y, or z would help. So, I took different courses, added additional skills, and have landed today right back where I started. Was it all a waste of time? No way. With every class, workshop, skills training course - I learned more about myself and went even deeper into my self journey. That’s really what it’s all about right?

Today - days before my 46 birthday - I find myself completely solid in this work I’ve chosen. I’m losing all titles and embracing what I love. If you ask me what I do - my answer will no longer be, “I’m a transformational coach. I’m a yoga teacher. I’m a...” Because those are simply titles. My answer will resonate from the depths of all of my passion, work, and experience. I help successful women have it all!Because we can. And it’s amazing.


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