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My daughter has enrolled in a camp program this summer called Limitless. Before I describe it, I just want to throw out there that this decision was entirely hers. 

The program has high school kids engage in activities such as; mountain biking 50 miles one day, on another competing in a half Marathon in Crested Butte, and still another running a 17 mile course through the mountains. And that's only 3 days out of 2 weeks. 

The expectation isn't for a single one of them to show up physically ready to complete all of these tasks with any sort of ease. The purpose is to help them breakdown barriers and begin to remove self imposed limits. Showing these campers that they can look outside of themselves for all of the power and strength they need in every situation, finding a certain peace in knowing that by doing so they showed up as their best possible self. 

This understanding coincides with my current reading - the Bhagavad Gita translated by Eknath Easwaran. 

I'm reminded that one of our greatest challenges is learning to see the connection in all things. We are not a single entity working toward a greater goal.

When we focus on ourselves as independent individuals - even fight for that sense of individuality - we miss the mark. That singular focus keeps us small in our vision and purpose. It holds us back from understanding our true role in the greater scheme of things, and clearly seeing how we can move through this world from a place that benefits all living things. We are all one, and embracing this allows us to become truly limitless in our understanding and awareness.


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