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Life Is Not Compartmentalized

Life is not compartmentalized. It’s one, big, sloppy jumble.

This has been one of my greatest lessons in 2018. And this lesson always came in the strongest when I tried my hardest to resist this awareness. When I tried to sit and focus all of my attention on my work, there would be a family need that pulled me away. Or when I tried to set time aside to focus just on myself, or the family - work took hold and needed immediate attention. And thus the constant reminder that it’s all one.

My work is my family, and taking care of myself, and Inward Bound - all of these things exist together in unity if I let them. As soon as I start to compartmentalize and prioritize, the rug is pulled out from underneath me and I’m reminded that it is all one and the same. The lessons to be learned, and the teachers in my life look a little different, but they are all leading me in the same direction. Toward that point of balance and harmony. That point of interconnection and integration.

So, a deep bow to the lessons of 2018 and cheers to the many that will find me in 2019. My wish for you is that this New Year brings deeper self awareness and love. That you feel on a new level your connection to yourself, each other, and the natural world. There is no greater gift we can give ourselves and those we love.

Happy 2019 to you all!


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