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Know What Makes You Happy

Action follows thought. I love that understanding. It opens up so much possibility and opportunity.

It brings me to my center, my truth, time and time again.

So, if our thoughts are driving our actions - it makes sense that we should make it a priority to know the things in life that fill us up, make us happy. Without that awareness - what are we moving toward? What are we trying to create?

I also love that question. What are we trying to create? Often, when I ask someone what they want from life - the response centers around work or a job. But, what are we truly seeking through our work? That feeling of centered wholeness and happiness.

So, what if instead of striving for specific outcomes that we have a tendency to grasp onto ( a new job, a promotion, to be valued for our contributions) we instead focus on that feeling. If action follows thought, doesn’t it make sense that focusing on being whole and complete will bring that into all aspects of our life? Maybe it isn’t a different job, but it’s finding our centered awareness and self within what we currently have and seeing how that expands both our world, and the world of those around us.

Action follows thought. Where are you headed?


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