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I'm Done Being Careful

Forever I’ve shied away from being too extreme in my views - or the sharing of my views. Not wanting to be seen as too much of a feminist, not wanting people to think I’m “against” men, and many other potential labels that fly around in my head.

But, the more I step into this deeper work, the more reading I do, more conversations I have with elder women, Indigenous women, my peers - I realize that it’s just the ego that is holding me back. It’s that part of me that always wants to make everyone happy, and wants everyone to like me.

Things are becoming too extreme, and too critical to worry about what others think anymore.

I feel like every conversation, everything that I’m reading is screaming the same message - the destruction we are seeing in the world is directly tied to the loss of feminine consciousness.

“Understanding the wisdom and transformative nature of the feminine is essential if we are to move individually and collectively out of the wasteland created by masculine consciousness and values, if we are to awaken to a deeper and more natural awareness of our own nature as well as that of all life, if we are to re-attune our soul with the soul of the world. The feminine can give us the tools we need to begin the work of both individual and global transformation.”

“How can working with the power of the feminine empower us to meet the call of our present time from a new perspective, drawing on the principles of interconnectedness, embodiment, and reverence for all life? How can we bring unity and harmony back into a civilization and planet whose present collective values are so self-destructive - destroying even the ecosystem that supports us? How can we use her values for social and environmental justice, for peace building, and all the other changes that are so desperately needed at this time?”

~Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee

How can we not feel the deep calling and urge to rise to these questions? That stronger pull that we are here to do important work?

I’m done being careful, worrying about upsetting anyone with my point of view. I’m ready to learn or re-learn how to step into this place of action and determination leading from the feminine. I’m ready to move toward action and activism that unites instead of divides, create awareness and strategies that bring us back into balance and create unity - first within ourselves and then within our communities and the planet.

There isn’t any more time for caution. We are needed to enter into this space of reconnection and remembering. The world awaits the awakening of the feminine consciousness. It’s ready - and so am I - to look at everything happening with a new awareness, one guided by feminine intuition.

It’s not too late, the time hasn’t passed, the time is now.


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