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How Do We Rise Above the Noise?

The pull is strong to stay in the black and white, the right and wrong, all the polarizing ways of this moment.

The greater invitation in front of us is to rise above it, to ground ourselves in a deeper truth, and walk a path that reminds us of our connection and interconnection.

But, how? The embodiment work that I continue to share feels more important now than ever. Connecting with our heart wisdom in a way that doesn’t justify our action, or inaction, but instead holds space for our truth to emerge. Truth that creates a roadmap that honors our innate inner wisdom and the wisdom of all of those around us (plants and animals included).

When you sit quietly, place a few fingers in the center of your chest, and let you awareness gently land at that point of connection - what do you hear? What do you know? What is the truth, gift, wisdom you are here to share at this moment in time. This sharing won’t justify how you feel about everything happening in the world around you, instead it will realign you with the work you are meant to be doing. The work that elevates thought. The work the world so desperately needs.

I would also love to re-extend the invitation to join me in my free online community for women where we move through these practices and hold these deeper questions. We would love to have you join us in conversation, practice, and sharing.


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