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Hiding Behind Self Care

I’ve had to really call myself out today. I’ve committed to actively engaging in feeling stronger in my body, pushing myself past my perceived limits. That has looked like running, hiking, yoga, and I just got a mountain bike again. So, I’ve been jumping in and it feels truly amazing.

Today I woke up tired and not feeling fabulous and feeling incredible push back against doing anything. My initial reaction was that today was a day I needed self care. Self care is incredibly important and can be difficult for many of us to step into and recognize as necessary, UNLESS it becomes an excuse to ignore the resistance that shows up for us as we try to make changes in our lives. This is something I recognize as a true pattern in my life. I’m realizing that every time I let myself off the hook, I’m actually communicating that I can’t stand true to my word or that I’m not really worth the effort. 

It’s time to change that story! And boy is it tough. So today I will do something. Even if it is simply a half hour of stretching and moving. Anything that keeps me true to my word and breaks down this pattern of excuses.

Life is a continual journey of self awareness and realizations, and there is tremendous freedom in each self imposed boundary broken.

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