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Gentle Awareness

Sometimes the experiences we have feel made up or surreal. While, in actuality, they are available to us at all times, but we only notice them when we are connected and paying attention.

This morning I needed to reconnect. So I took a hike to one of my favorites little places. There is this incredible, old tree that sits along a creek with a backdrop of an amazing outcropping of rocks. As I sat on one of the rocks, with my face to the sun, I slowed my breath and began to gently notice what was around me. As I began to pay attention, a golden eagle flew overhead and as it spiraled and then flew off, a second one followed.

This is one of those moments that is a powerful gift. A moment when I'm reminded of what is truly important and of the fact that there is incredible life around us at all times willing to share it's wisdom, when we simply pay attention.


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