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I had a conversation the other day with a woman who shared that she wanted to live an extraordinary life. (Side note here - she's an incredible woman, who already does.)

And I've been thinking ever since about this word, and what it means in terms of our work and how we measure our success and value. Think about that word in terms of your work. Is your definition based on your learned cultural and societal norms and expectations?

I ask you what living an extraordinary life means for you. And then I ask that you think about this...

What if living an extraordinary life is as simple as pausing with your first sip of water each morning and remembering that this is the same water the dinosaurs drank. Remembering that this water will evaporate and become a cloud that could travel to Mongolia and end up in a stream to then be drunk by a white snow leopard. And understanding that water has memory, intentionally sending love with the water on its journey. Sending love to the snow leopard, the trees, your neighbors through your thoughts and actions as you interact with the water.

Doesn't that feel extraordinary? And can you feel the incredible possibility for change when we pass along the power of unconditional love?


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