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Deep Collective Healing

This idea of collective healing so intriguing to me. How do we come together, free of the constraints of time and space for healing?

I’ve been interested in this for some time. How does this collective healing take place? Can I support it through story sharing? Somatic work? How is it simultaneous?

And then this - a global pandemic that truly transcends all time and space. It makes us stop in our tracks and come face to face with our collective darkness. What is it we most need to learn right now? It is different for us all, and yet we all have incredible learning to do.

And what is striking me the most is that this opportunity and invitation for awakening - and ultimately healing - isn’t coming from some amazing project, or collaboration, or an idea shared on Oprah. It’s coming from Mother Earth, Pachamama, Gaia, the Sacred Feminine. The request is no longer subtle. The time is now and how we respond dictates the future. The power-over structure we have existed under, and believed in, is being revealed as a hoax. The veil is lifting. The confinements of time and space are being removed and we are standing together - raw and vulnerable. The question before us now is this - Can we truly see ourselves in each other, in all of life, and take a unified step toward global healing?

The work feels massive and difficult, and then again simple. I’m learning that all I can do is continue to stand in front of the darkness and find my light, bringing balance to the moment and my internal landscape. And by holding this space, I open the door of potential for you.


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