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Dance of Water and Fire

The Dance of Water and Fire is a chapter in Arkan Lushwala’s book, Deer and Thunder. In this powerful chapter he shares that men are fire and women are water.

“…we need to implore the owners of the Earth’s waters to call back the spirit of Yaku (water). These owners are not so far away. We see their presence in the eyes of every little girl, woman and grandmother.”

“Now more than ever, the sacred medicine that women carry in their mouth is needed worldwide. We need their songs and we need their magnetic power of their feminine ways to attract the spirit of Water back into all the sources upon the Earth.”

“As we see it (the Andean perspective), the Earth and women are the same; what happens to one happens to the other.”

Then he asks a question that has sent me on a deep inward journey. He asks, “Which waters were damaged first, the ones of women or the ones of the Earth?”

For me, this question is critical for this moment in time. This question is a door to the answers we are all trying to uncover. And the answer lies in our ability to reconnect with the wisdom coming from our hearts. The deep, intuitive, feminine wisdom that has been absent from our current systems, models, paradigms, and cultures for far too long.

The answer to this question is found within the hearts of the women, and the need to trust what is being shared right now is critical.

I truly believe that our journey back to our heart wisdom is our path to freedom. It is through trust and acceptance that we release the fear that is keeping us disconnected from our true voice, our true wisdom, the Divine guidance we are here to share.

My invitation to you is to turn inward, even for just a moment, and feel what is wanting to be shared. We all have our own unique gifts, experiences, and truth - and this is the wisdom that the world needs. So, my offering for today is this word- TRUST. Feel it, embody it, believe it. Your truth matters so much right now.


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