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Boundary Walkers

This word was shared with me by a new friend a few weeks ago. She and I were talking about the responsibility we feel to share the wisdom moving through us in a way that honors all of the cultures and individuals that have never lost sight of what we are now remembering.

She told me that she had a similar conversation with a colleague and they explained this navigation as Boundary Walkers. I immediately felt this land in my body and a deep connection to the words.

I feel like this phrase describes the last decade of my life. I walk so many boundaries in conversations, relationships, in how I work to show up in the world. At times I take a step to the left and learn and share, then back into this neutral territory. Then a step to the right, then back. It’s truly a dance I have learned to love.

And here is why… in order to move beyond this deep division we are experiencing globally, we must honor the pain of others. We must honor the collective trauma that has followed us all for many generations. We must move out of the power-over paradigm that we have been taught in our western societies, cultures, and educational systems. We must honor all of life and understand that everyone and everything standing in front of us are our teachers. And - and this has been the shift for me - we must ask for that same honoring, but in a new way. We must show up to walk along side the pain and trauma others carry, the pain and trauma the planet holds from our actions, and offer to bare some of their burden.

I invite you to hold this phrase, and this invitation in your heart. How do they feel? What starts to arise for you? Do you have an event coming up where you can move through the experience from the place of a Boundary Walker? If so, can you allow your presence there to open the door to a deeper wisdom and connection than you knew possible.


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