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I’ve decided on my commitment for 2018. Not a resolution, but a word, a daily reminder for how I want to move through the world. 

My word is aparagraha, a Sanskrit word meaning “non grasping”. This is my daily reminder to turn everything over to the higher good. 

When we work, focus, obsess on what we think we want, we become attached to our desired outcomes. This grasping closes doors. Or at least our capability to see those doors. There are so many ways to achieve what is best for us and others. Our path truly is already decided. When we stop grasping for what we want, and how we want it - things align. This release and non grasping opens up a world we cannot even begin to imagine in our current state and limited understanding. 

I’m excited to have this reminder on a daily basis, turn it all over, and actively commit to living out my highest calling. Whatever shape and form it takes. 

I first became aware of this word in yoga teacher training 3 years ago. It comes back to me on a regular basis, but hasn’t ever been a daily commitment. I’m excited to step into this understanding and practice on a deeper level. 

If you are looking for tools to support this kind of growth and awareness as well, I highly recommend the book, Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead.  Tosha Silver does a beautiful job offering easy steps to let go and turn things over to the divine. Enjoy!


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