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Activating the Heart of Humanity

How do we activate the heart of humanity? Does it begin with loving ourselves? It feels like it must. Because without true, pure self love - love free from ego that truly comes from a fearless self- awareness and acceptance - we cannot move forward.

Until we see and love ourselves, we cannot see and love others.

Until we see and love ourselves, we remain shut down to the goodness all around us.

Until we see and love ourselves, our focus continues to be on how the world can serve us - instead of how we can serve the world.

We activate the heart of humanity by truly acknowledging the fear we hold in our hearts. The fear that is creating a barrier to all that we can become, and keeping us separate and divided from each other and all of the goodness of this incredible world.

There is an entire world waiting for us on the other side of fear, and it's time we stepped into this space of freedom together.


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