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A Challenge For You

Kind Curiosity!

What I'm finding as I sit across from incredible women from around the country is that we all need to (re)learn how to be kind to ourselves. I'm definitely included in this group.

I find myself using the two words - kind curiosity - many times during my day. So what do I mean when I say this. Is it about being kind to everyone around us? In a way, because our ability to be kind to others begins with our ability to be kind with ourselves. So, when I use these words I'm referring first to our ability to become curious around our emotions and feelings without any self-judgement. Simply increasing our level of awareness. It can be a hard one. Silencing that inner critic that keeps telling us that we; "always end up in this same place", "don't have what it takes", "aren't enough", etc., etc.

Here are some examples of how this kind curiosity would come into play:

You are in the middle of a heated conversation. Instead of immediately reacting you pause, check in with yourself. Where are you feeling things (tension, etc.) in your body right now? Notice, cool, move on.


You are with a friend and smiling or laughing. Pause, check in, where are you feeling this (joy, freedom, etc.) in your body? Notice, cool, move on.

The kindness component comes into play in terms of how we treat ourselves around this awareness. Can we just be curious without judgement or expectations? Allowing ourselves the opportunity to truly just explore and navigate our days in a new way, from a new level of awareness. And how does this awareness begin to shift our interactions?

Give it a whirl. Try and treat yourself and your emotions with kind curiosity this week. And let me know how it goes!

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