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All Great Journeys Begin Within

The RYSA Method

Welcome to a powerful opportunity for awareness, honoring, and release.

The RYSA Method combines the gifts of Reiki, Yin Yoga, and Somatic Awareness to open doors to your deeper inner wisdom and capacity to heal.

Please fill out the form below before your session and answer in as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing.

Before our time together, spend some time thinking about what it is you are wanting to release, let go of, find freedom from. Maybe it is a physical symptom, or a feeling you have that is blocking you from experiencing the fullness of life, or a story you are ready to move beyond. The possibilities are endless. Coming to the session with an idea of what you are ready to let go of can be helpful, and if you are unable to identify what that is - no worries. We will step into that question together. There may also be more than one thing you are wanting to work with / through - we can move through it all.

Please arrive in comfortable clothes that will allow you to move through the Yin Yoga portion of our time together. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one and wear, or bring socks. You may also want to bring a journal to capture your experience and any wisdom that shows itself before, during and after our time together.

Items You Will Need:

Yoga Mat (I have extra if you don't have one)


Full Water Bottle

Wear comfortable clothes with a warm layer you can take off if desired.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. You can reach me at If you need to get a hold of me the day of our session you can text me at 719-221-1578.

My address is 13246 CR 353 and we will be meeting in the yurt. You can park in the space directly in front of the yurt.

I'm really looking forward to our time together and will see you soon!

Have you practiced Yin Yoga before?
Have you had a Reiki session before?
Are you familiar with the term Somatic Awareness?
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