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All Great Journeys Begin Within
  • The RYSA Method

The RYSA Method


The RYSA Method combines the incredible work and gifts of Reiki, Yin Yoga, and Somatic Awareness. These in-person individual and group offerings blend the benefits of these three modalities to offer release and freedom for participants.


Reiki has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, ease pain and improve your quality of life.


Yin Yoga has been proven to reduce symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances while improving emotional balance and increase flexibility and circulation.


Somatic Awareness brings awareness to the body, mind connection.


When we bring these three practices together, we create a powerful opportunity for inspired awareness and release that open open channels of flow and surrender allowing us to step into our gifts and purpose in a new and inspired way.


These in-person sessions can be booked individually and you can sign up for the newsletter to get notifications of group offerings as well.


Each session is individually customized.Allow 1.5 to 2 hours for a session.


Email to book a session.

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