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Your Stories, Your Power!

It all feels bad. It isn’t all bad. Those memories that just keep coming, creating self doubt and stealing our power. The should haves and could haves. The what ifs and I wish I hadn’ts. These thoughts that diminish our self confidence and keep us small. When really the experiences behind them could be moving us deeper into self love and standing stronger than ever in our self worth.

Often our stories leave us feeling bad or ashamed. When I first remembered an experience that happened to me as a child I couldn’t believe that I had let it happen. I felt like an accomplice to the act. I started down the road of feeling like I was the one who had done something wrong. It was a horrible feeling, until I was able to shift things and realize that this experience played a role in shaping who I am. I was able to shine a light on the dark areas and recognize where they have influenced who I am today. Are they serving me - or hindering me? Should I enhance these qualities in myself, or learn from them and move on - creating new patterns and responses around those triggered responses. These are my stories and these are my power.

Just like me, your journey and your story are your power and gift. No one else has had the same experiences and felt their impact the way you have. Your stories make you unique.

When we learn to embrace our stories, diving deep into the snags and flushing them out so they don’t continue to show up. Diving even deeper into our a-ha moments to recognize the incredible power they have given us. Through these efforts we find our center. 

This work allows us and others to benefit from the full spectrum of our experiences. Our path in life becomes clearer and we step into our future from a place of centered self-love and POWER. 

Connecting with our true power lets us stand strong in who we are, ditch the fear and self-doubt, and step into a future that is far greater than we have the capacity to imagine in this moment.

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