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Why Feminine Leadership?

This work isn’t just for women, but it starts with us and is critical that it starts now.

Feminine leadership is the remembering and reconnecting with our feminine wisdom and consciousness. We have lived for generations (many generations) within the paradigm of the masculine. Our education, religion, industry, culture, government - is all rooted in masculine values, skills, and awareness.

We’ve moved out of balance with ourselves, each other, and nature. The greater conversation happening around feminine wisdom and leadership does not mean that this consciousness overtakes the masculine - it means we remember what it’s like to move and exist within this space and return all beings to balance.

This lack of balance has been foretold in many prophecies including that of the Eagle and the Condor. Everything we value, how we process events and opportunities, our dreams, expectations, relationships, and so much more are based in the masculine consciousness.

This lack of balance has created the world we are experiencing today. We MUST do the work to reclaim this balance. This work begins with us and it begins within.

The good news is that we have the tools we need accessible to us today, right now in this moment.


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