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What If I Told You...

What if I told you that we are here on Earth to actively participate in cleaning and healing the water flowing through us and the planet?

What if I told you that much of the water on Earth originated in the cosmos and will return to the cosmos?

What if I told you that our precious Earth plays a very specific role in the greater cosmic design, and we have lost sight of how we are meant to assist?

Dr. Emoto’s work on the power of words and thoughts on water was truly transformative. In his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, he shares many incredible insights, but this one truly opened a world of questions and deeper exploration for me…

“Everything that exists in the universe is parallel. The micro world is a faithful reproduction of the macro world, the universe is an enormous mandala (which means “circle” in Sanskrit). This way of thinking leads us to the conclusion that everything that takes place in the universe also takes place in our bodies.

The human body requires the circulation of water, and we can conclude that this is what the universe also requires. If large volumes of water flow in only one direction, toward the earth, the circulation of water in the universe will ultimately come to a standstill. Water arrives on the earth and then ultimately returns to the far reaches of the universe on an unending marvelous journey. The water on this planet will someday set off on the outer leg of its journey into the cosmos.”

Here is the part that rocked my world…

“But what does the fact that water is constantly arriving on earth mean for us? Perhaps the earth is not the only destination for these lumps of water. But while there may be other stopovers, no other planet we know about has the necessary conditions required to pool water. If we compare the solar system to the human body, I suspect the earth plays the role of the liver.

Every day, your liver filters two hundred liters of water and sends this purified water to the other organs in your body. Considering this, it’s not hard to imagine that the earth plays the vital role of purifying the water circulating in the solar system, and then returning it to the universe.

Then whose responsibility is it to purify this water that has arrived on the earth? It is ours, humankind’s. And this is because we are ourselves water. Having been born here, we all have the responsibility to purify the water on the earth.”

Interconnection took on a much deeper, embodied meaning for me when I read this sharing.

So how do we purify the waters? We heal ourselves. We understand that our words and thoughts are an interactive part of the bigger picture. We have lost our way, forgotten that we are not superior to all of life, but instead are here to be active participants in this greater, incredible cosmic flow.

My path forward is providing tools, creating awareness, and extending both of my hands to all of humanity to step forward with me in a new way. Together we can heal the fear we hold in our hearts and move back into the incredible invitation to live the life of beautiful collaboration we are meant to embody.


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