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What I Do

The work I do focuses on heightening your sense of self awareness. Shining a light on the areas that are easier to ignore.

Ignored emotions fester. We think we are pushing through by shoving these emotions out of the way, until we can’t ignore them anymore because they surface as illness, anxiety, irritation, and on and on. 

When we bring our attention and awareness to where our anxieties, traumas, stories live in our bodies - we change our relationship with them. Simply by acknowledging their existence. They lose their hold over our actions and interactions. We open up our future to one of deeper relationships, meaningful work, and most of all a sense of purpose and peace as we move through our days. 

When we are aware and attentive, we take control. We stand in our power. We find our voice. Our lives are full. It’s simple, but not easy. It takes work. Quite possibly the most important work you’ve ever done.That statement gets lots of people. We all want to make a difference in the world. The truth is, we cannot possibly give to others what we haven’t already given to ourselves. So if you want to see others happy, peaceful, empowered - you first have to accept and give these things to yourself.

You first have to do the deep inner work so you can then focus your energy outward and step into the greater work you are here to do in the world. 

I partner with those on this journey. Imagine me as your self awareness and self love support system. I've been where you are and I'm ready to walk beside you on your journey to freedom and empowerment. If you believe you deserve this, then you open up the possibility for others to move into this freedom as well. The change really does begin with you.


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