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What About the Men?

This question has been posed to me more times than I can count over the past few months; “Why are you only working with women?” The point of those posing the question is completely valid - there are a lot of support and growth opportunities out there for women. What about the men?

So, I’ve been sitting with this question and asking myself, “Why only women?”. The only answer I’ve come up with is this - I’ve always worked to support women. When I dig a little deeper into that - I feel like it is my life calling to support other women. But, isn’t a critical component of supporting women, creating opportunities for others in their lives to grow as well?

I love the men in my life and they are the ones who often challenge the way I see something, or am going about something. This challenge creates opportunities for incredible growth and learning. What a gift it would then be to partner with these men to move society off center and shift the current direction of things.

That’s what coaching is truly all about at it’s core - partnership. When I work with individuals, I learn an incredible amount from their growth and ah-ha moments. It is that continual learning and staying in a state of humility and curiosity that creates change.

So, if you have asked me before - ask me again, “What about men?”. My answer to you now is this, I am truly looking forward to the first man who reaches out to explore working together.

This brings me back to the prophecy of the eagle and the condor. Now is the time for the masculine and feminine to again fly side by side in harmony. That doesn't necessarily mean men and women. It means balancing the masculine and feminine in us all. 

We are all in this together. And together we can create an incredible, beautiful future for ourselves and others.

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