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We Know How To Do This

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

I want to yell this from the mountain tops. We know how to do this. We know the solution to this bigger calling or urgency that is surfacing all around us. We are all feeling it, we just don't all know what "it" is. So I'll tell you - "it" is the rise of feminine consciousness.

"It" is the reason we are feeling like everything in front of us is unknown. It is. We haven't been here in a very long time. Which is why we need to do the deep inner work to access that space of intuition and remembering.

What this work brings on an individual level is powerful. It allows us to tap into an endless source of love and awareness. Allows us to move through the world in a new way. The real magic though is in understanding what existing within this feminine wisdom offers on a global level.

Allowing instead of pushing, listening to what is moving through us - this is the work to counteract everything we are seeing and feeling in the world today. This work is part of a global paradigm shift - a deep remembering - that is necessary to stop the hate, violence, stripping of natural resources, crazy consumerism, and so much more.

So, yes - this work starts with us. It's about returning to a place of balance. Balance between the masculine and feminine. It starts with a deep embodiment of the feminine that is alive and exists within us all. That stirring that you feel that is unfamiliar, maybe even a little uncomfortable. That feeling that you should be doing more, have to do more. That feeling that things are out of balance.

This work is the answer, we know how to do it. It takes us accessing that place of remembering. Allowing the rise of feminine wisdom and consciousness needed to right the wrongs and bring all things back into balance. It requires us to step in. But please don't wait. No more hesitating, no more waking up to headlines of mass shootings and deportations. It's time to do this inner work as if the world depends on it - because it does.


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