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We Are All Standing on a Precipice

I have this strong, beautiful image of humanity standing on the edge of a precipice together, in a long line, holding hands.

Prophecy has brought us this far. There are people, communities, cultures among us who knew we would see this day. Now we stand at the edge together. How we move forward impacts us all. If one of us steps forward, the entire line feels the pull.

So how will you step forward? 2020 is predicted to be an incredibly powerful year. 2019 was the year of preparation, 2020 is the year of action. The actions we take will truly be felt by all. So, what are the steps you are planning? Understanding that your actions impact all of humanity.

Maybe you aren’t in a space of planning because you are stuck in the place of unknowing. What am I supposed to be doing? How do I move into action? And how do I know that what I’m feeling called to do is truly best for myself and all those involved? Such big questions. And ones that are flowing through SO MANY of us right now.

The beauty of the time we are inhabiting is that we don’t have to make any step alone. Yes, we need to understand and truly embody our strengths and the gifts we are here to bring to the world. It’s time we stand in our true power and worth. And then, with this clarity, we come together in the most powerful collaborations of all times. Collaborations that value each of us as individuals and at the same time recognize that there is no separation.

2020 is a time of councils. Wisdom councils, sage councils, womens councils, mens councils, unity councils - they will take on many names and bring together people from all walks of life. And it is within these councils that we will find the answers we are looking for. Because together we see the larger picture that we cannot see alone. Together we step forward in a way that benefits all of humanity and our incredible planet.


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