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Time of the Condor Rising

In 2012 I first learned of the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor and it truly altered the trajectory of my life. Or maybe more truthful is that it set me on the path I was meant to walk in this lifetime.

The Prophecy shares that the eagle and condor used to fly together in balance and harmony. The eagle is the masculine, the industrial, the head and the condor is the feminine, the intuitive, the heart. The Prophecy states that in 1490 we would enter a 500 year period where the eagle would overtake the condor almost to the point of the extinction of both. So, in 1990 we entered a time of possibility and potential for change. The invitation in front of us right now is to return to a place of balance and unity.

I call this moment we are all occupying the Time of the Condor Rising.

We are standing at a critical point in the unfolding of this wisdom. The point where humanity either awakens or perishes. And while it feels like we are at the extreme, most disconnected points of this Prophecy - I believe the opposite to be true. I believe we are almost at that point of harmony, balance, unity, equality - and those who have benefitted most from the current prevailing paradigm, that was created solely under the eagle, are pushing back with all of their might.

The success of the Condor Rising is critical in our shared trajectory. Which means our ability to give voice to all of the ancient, other worldly, deeper wisdom that is trying to surface within us has never been more important.

So many feel a shift happening, knowing the time is now. We know that we are here to play a role, even if we aren't clear on what that role is. This strong pull to step onto a new path is coming from all points around the globe. We have to make sure we are awake, aware, and embodied enough to know what deserves our attention and action.

This is the Condor Rising. Our ability to listen, filter, and respond from our hearts is our reconnection to the wisdom we don't even know that we have lost. A wisdom that ran through our ancestors, a wisdom that runs through our ancient waters, a wisdom of the cosmos that reawakens an origin story deeper than anything being shared in our mainstream teachings today.

Your Condor Rising journey will be different than mine. It will be different than that of your mother, your sister, your neighbor, because we all have special, unique, incredible gifts we are here to bring to the world. And accessing these gifts will play out in many ways.

The one commonality though is that we are working to access these gifts and bring them to life through our deepest feminine wisdom. A wisdom that unites instead of divides, that heals instead of destroys, that honors instead of demeans, and that sees the value and unbreakable interconnection of all of life.


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