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The Power of the Pause

The power of the pause.

Pausing and centering.

The pause is the allowing. We don’t need to immediately react or have the answer right away. What we need is to pause, feel, and intuitively listen.

Think about a recent situation where you walked away unsettled because you weren’t heard, couldn’t find the words, or said something you didn’t mean. When we ignore the powerful opportunity of pausing and push through from that place of tension and anxiety - we miss incredible opportunities. We can’t see ourselves clearly, nor can others truly see us.

You can practice right now. What do you have coming up in your day that might challenge you to be your best self? Think about the qualities of feminine leadership - allowing, intuition, centered power - and take a deep breath. Feel these qualities move though you with that breath. On the exhale - let go of any feelings of tension and worry. From this centered, feminine space - what feels different? Does the challenging situation ahead of you look different now?

The only thing that changes in these situations is us. That’s all we can control. Our ability to pause, center, and then show up as the best possible version of ourselves is freeing for us and for those we are interacting with. It allows us to go to bed at night knowing we truly did our best. It allows others to see and hear who we truly are - allows our gifts and incredible power to shine through. What more could we truly want than to show up in our centered power and love. This ability is world changing. This ability dissolves barriers and allows us to see the possibilities and opportunities in conversations and interactions that aren’t clear when we engage from our old stories and beliefs.

Pausing and centering truly shifts paradigms. And we know that when we open to change - we do this not only for ourselves, but for greater human unity as well.


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