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The Other Side of Fear

Often when I tell people that there is an entire world waiting on there other side of fear and doubt, they look at me in a very skeptical way. I explain that the universe opens up when we find that place of centered self-love. Then someone inevitably says that this doesn’t sound great to them - they want to be real - not walk around in a little bubble of happiness. I LOVE it when someone says that, because I have the opportunity to go deeper and explain on another level how this work changes lives.

We absolutely don’t want to walk around in a Pollyanna state. When we dive deep though and discover how to center ourselves in our honest truth, understanding what self love feels like and believing we are worth it - things shift and change. The world feels different, because we show up in a different way. We still have days (months, years) where things don’t seem to go the way we want them to. Or conversations that aren’t the way we had hoped or anticipated. The difference is that we walk away from all of these situations knowing that we showed up as the best possible version of ourselves. There is incredible freedom and release knowing that we did our best. We can learn from those experiences, and move on.

This awareness also allows you to see others differently. You become more aware that others are showing up the best way that know how right now as well. We are all learning. We all have stories that trigger us and send us down the rabbit hole. The difference is - the stories of others begin to impact us less and less. Our increased self awareness changes our response because others reactions no longer feel personal. We know who we are at our core, and are solid in that knowledge and feeling.

So, when I say there is incredible freedom on the other side of fear and doubt, that freedom isn’t only felt by you, but experienced by others as you become more capable of giving them the space to grow and learn without judgement.

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