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The Opportunity of a New Decade

What an incredible opportunity and fresh start we have in front of us. A new decade feels like an invitation to truly ground in what matters and let the rest fall away.

I’ve seen one of my favorite quotes shared across social media lately honoring Ram Dass, “We’re all just walking each other home.” I’ve been sitting with this in the quiet spaces I’ve been able to find during this holiday season, and it has turned into a deeper commitment for the coming year. The truth of this wisdom has landed in my body in a new way. I understand - on an embodied level - that the ALL he refers to extends beyond human form to include all of life.

How do I fully embrace the awareness and power of this statement in the coming year and beyond? By honoring what I’m feeling called to do - in the moment. If I am at my computer and feel the call to get outside, I’ll go. If there is some urge within me to pause and look up, I will. I’ll return to this beautiful wisdom again and again recognizing that the invitations I’m receiving are coming from the ALL of life. I’m not on this journey alone, and neither are you. Our inter-connection with all of life provides incredible resources and teachers. Maybe I’m being called outside because the trees have a message for me. Or the raven flying overhead wants to remind me to get out of my head and come back to my heart space. Or…?

This re-grounding, reconnection, and remembering hold incredible power and opportunity for each of us. When we come home to ourselves the universe shifts. We move closer to that desired state of balance and harmony. This is my great work - our great work - for this coming year. The invitation is beautiful and simple - walk outside and feel. Take a deep breath and listen for the wisdom and embodied knowing that is waiting for your awareness and acceptance. The answers are there and powerful when they are found within the ALL of existence.


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