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The Myth of Disconnection

Let me start by sharing that for years most of my work has revolved around healing our disconnection.

On my website, in talks I have given, in my book - I talk about healing the disconnection we have with ourselves, each other, and all of life.

A new awareness landed in me like a ton of bricks last week. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN AND CAN NEVER BE DISCONNECTED BECAUSE WE ARE ALL ONE. Now, I have known this all along, but now I KNOW it in a new way.

What I have been calling disconnection is in truth a deep forgetting. The Hopi share that part of us has gone to sleep and the time has come to reawaken.

The depth of our forgetting is extreme for many of us. We can't see how the illnesses and afflictions we are dealing with today are mirrors of the pain we are afflicting on the planet, on ourselves.

We have never been and can never be disconnected from what is real and all of life.

We have never been and can never be disconnected from one another because we truly are one.

This is why we feel the pain of others. This is why the divisions that seem to be so prevalent also feel so painful. This is why the issues in front of us today touch our hearts and stir a fire in our blood that’s so strong we would die for it. We have never been disconnected. It is the fact of our constant inseverable connection that seems to make life feel so impossible in this moment. When, in reality, the possibility in front of us is a life of unity, equality, and deeper awareness. A new path forward.

So, today I commit to realigning my work and message away from one of disconnection and toward a new invitation of awakening. How do we awaken to the truth of our interconnection? What does this feel like for you? How does this shift allow you to see and feel the opportunity and necessity of actions grounded in reciprocity?


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