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The Earth's Heart Chakra

I recently finished my training in advanced Pranic Healing®. (Pranic Healing® is a simple yet powerful and effective system of no-touch energy healing.)

During the training we talked about how the earth has chakras, just like those that exist within each of us. The instructor shared that the earth's heart chakra comprises the center of all living being's heart chakras.

In the moment that these words left her mouth I felt both abundant clarity and complete sadness. Our oneness and connection was clearer than it had ever been. As we continue to tear apart the earth to mine more resources and meet our insatiable needs, we witness the collapse of communities and societies. The more we injure the planet, the more injury we witness throughout humanity. 

Nothing has weighed heavier on my heart, and also created such an incredible fire within me to get to work. 

What is the work? What can we do? The answer to both questions looks unique and different for everyone of us. We all bring an incredible gift in the form of our stories, experiences, knowledge, and passions. 

The work is to take a look at everything happening around us, to us, to the planet, and get clear on what we truly want on a universal level. Is it peace, joy, forgiveness, harmony, happiness? The list could go on forever. And then to fully and completely understand that before that can manifest in our outer world, it needs to become true in our inner world. We first need to find all of these things within ourselves, for ourselves. I cannot possibly want peace and freedom for anyone else, if I secretly don’t believe I deserve it.

Really think about that. Let’s take apart the word freedom. I want - with every part of my being - freedom for all living things. So, I have to believe with that same intensity that I deserve freedom. Freedom from self doubt, self judgement, the past, the future, and anything that arises to hold me back and keep me small. That’s some hard work. It takes daily awareness, acceptance, and release. But, it can be done. And I believe it is the most important work we can do right now for humanity and the planet. 

My work is walking beside people on this journey. It can be tough to dig deep and get real on your own. Sometimes we need a nudge, a shove, and a hand to grab onto. 

The world desperately needs us to wholeheartedly believe we deserve peace, unity, compassion, oneness. We can’t keep each other waiting any longer. The time has come to get real, dig deep, and step into the power of our true purpose. 


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