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The Beauty of Connection and Integration

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

I went for a jog today in the mountains. The sun was out, it was snowing on Mt Princeton and the sky was truly dramatic.

As I jogged I found myself focusing on my body. Is my core engaged? Can I move differently to work alternative muscles? (Things that should not have been at all important in that moment.)

And then I noticed the rocks I was running past. These gorgeous structures with quartz running through them. Before I knew it I had stopped to touch them.

I’ve been trying to tune into the natural world around me and listen to what it’s trying to teach.

As I stood there I realized how my thoughts and focus on my body had created complete disconnection from everything around me. It had isolated me from knowing and feeling that deeper connection.

The quartz in all its beauty isn’t created in isolation. It is connected to the minerals and rock around it. They are not separate. And it is in this connection that it's beauty is amplified. Not only is it’s beauty amplified, but the beauty of all that surrounds it is brought to light as well.

So today is a day of gratitude for the reminder of our inter-connection. A day of re-membering everything that is true and real.


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